Women’s Spring Fashion

Jonathon Palmer
by Jonathon Palmer

 1Today Im going to talk about how to update youre spring wardrobe. First Im going to show you how to work the safari look into your wardrobe which comes back time and time again. Here I have an example of a very sleek sophisticated safari look. The model has a great jacket on in the color chestnut. Usually the safari look is in neutrals and this color is really very rich and beautiful. This jacket is all about the detail. The gold buttons; the waist emphasis which is wonderful on an hourglass figure. And as you can see this safari look has the three-quarter length sleeves which you will see a lot of this spring. We also have the matching pencil skirt which has a tapered look. Try something like this and you will have the safari look ready to add to your wardrobe.

2Next, we will talk about the metallic look and how to wear it from day into night. What I have found with most women is that they are afraid to sparkle; especially during the day. This season its everywhere so Im giving you permission to join in on the fun. Here we have a great metallic outfit that can be worn day or evening. With this look we have these white jeans that are all about glam with metallic pinstripes. We have paired them with a halter top that is metallic gold and we have accessorized it with a gorgeous gold braided belt. For all out impact we can even take this outfit up a notch and add more gold to it in the form of a metallic shawl and a metallic purse. The purse is suede with a bamboo handle. And we also have added some chic bangles which are a must have this spring. To tone this done a bit we can take any piece of this look and pair it with any classic solids from your wardrobe. It will still look stunning and you wont regret adding in some metallic this spring


Then I will show you how to wear spring break colors. Ill just talk a little bit about color. Spring is all about bright colors this season. Youll see oranges, cobalt blues, hot pinks, yellows and great greens. Today I have an example of an outfit that contains probably one of the hottest colors this season which is a bright golden yellow. This is a great jacket. Most women think they cant wear yellow but thats untrue. There is a range of yellows that goes from buttery yellows to lemony yellows, then from sunshine to golden yellow and this jacket is great in this undertone because of our neutral column of chocolate. That helps subdue the yellow a little bit if youre afraid to wear it. Everybody has neutrals in their closet so try it with those as well.4

Also the blouse has made a comeback. You can wear it under jackets or they can stand alone and finally I will show you the new high waistlines. Youre not going to need any tools or materials but you are going to want to get a pencil to take a lot of good notes so sit tight and Ill go into some more detail on all of those subjects.