Updating your Spring Wardrobe

Leona Crawford
by Leona Crawford

12The seasons will always keep rotating. What may have been in last year, will most likely change in some form or another this year. Today we are going to talk about how to update your spring wardrobe. The spring wardrobe always has a fun and colorful feel to it. The first thing Ill talk about is the outfit our model Pam is wearing today which is a great example of a very fun, sporty, preppy, jacket. She has one of the prints of the season which is patch work in plaid. This jacket has all of the must have colors in it and we have paired the jacket with a pair of navy blue pants because I wanted to keep the jacket as the main focus point in this look. This jacket has some cute little ties over the pockets that I also think is really fun. We have also put a top on her that has the same exact colors in it with stripes but its a fun print mixing which just keeps with the flavoring of this whole look. You dont want to overpower the look with too many prints so make sure if you try this out then you make sure you have a solid item of clothing in this ensemble. You can pair this with a nice neutral pair of earrings that wont be competing with the jacket as the focal point.

 3Now we will move onto floral prints of this season and what I want you to take note of this year is that they are a little different. The floral prints are more abstract so those of you who are afraid of little tiny floral prints, thats not how we are going to see florals this season, we are going to see them big and bold. Its not your average floral print with this example but this is really whats in this year and it is really different but also beautiful. So this jacket Im going to show you is in the kimono style. It is made of a gorgeous satin also so it is one of those conversational pieces for sure. It has bold colors and an abstract floral print so you cant really see the flowers unless youre really looking for them. So again for the women who are afraid of flowers, you may have a change of heart with this piece and really like this jacket.

4Next we have our second jacket. It has a great color combination; I love this color combination for spring. Its a crisp light blue with a rich chocolate. With this jacket we have a chrysanthemum pattern and its done so finely that, for those of you who want a little more of an understated look compared to the boldness of the first jacket, it is a good way to go. Any of these jackets would work into your spring wardrobe. Just be sure you wear it with the right combination of clothing. Thanks for reading, I hope this updated spring fashion info with examples, helps you update your wardrobe with this springs prints and patterns.