Serious About Removing Your Tattoo?

Jonathon Palmer
by Jonathon Palmer



Even to this day, the standard body modifier regret is the tattoo. With meaning in mind, one might be inclined to add a permanent marker to their body, only to realize it does not mean that great of a deal to them. Modern day technology helps us remove this small ink adventure.

What drives one into getting a tattoo removed?

Since the dawn of body ink and up to this day, the main reason is the name of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Having a person‘s name that you are trying to forget never helps in that matter. Other reasons for a person to remove its tattoo are new job restrictions or job related issues. Furthermore, people feel like the tattoo they once got do not fit their style anymore. Therefore, they would be better without it.

How is the tattoo removed?

According to doctors that deal with these services, tattoo removal is fairly easy. The main operating machine is a laser-driven one. The doctor uses it directly on your skin where the tattoo is at, only after a few other procedures.

First of all, the patient must take part in a couple of tests to see if he has any allergies or disorders regarding the skin. If everything is good and they can continue with the procedure, a numbing cream is applied. This helps numbs the tattooed area so it will be less painful when the laser will get in contact with the skin.

After the cream has taken its effect, you get a laser treatment. Many patients declare that it is not a painful process, but not painless nonetheless. The pain felt is described like rubber band pinching your skin when the laser reacts with the ink from the tattoo.

How fast does a tattoo come off?

Once the laser treatment starts, the operation may vary from as little as 30 seconds to more than a couple of minutes. It all depends on the size of the removed tattoo. We can safely say that the treatment goes rather fast.

One thing to take in mind is the tattoo will not come off from just one session. Again, depending on the length, doctors say that it can take from 3 up to 7 sessions for the ink to get completely out of your skin. Even with this information, we cannot say that the procedure is not fast. With just a couple of minutes per session, one will have their tattoo removed in no time.


What is the cost of this treatment?

Pricing goes in direct proportion to the size of the tattoo. For the most part, the treatment costs an average of 250 to 300 dollars. If you ever get serious about removing a tattoo, with the above information you will know what you have to do in order to get everything done. The only thing that one remains to do is think it through. It would be ironic for one to remove his/her ink and then regret it.