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Caring for Your Clothing

Leona Crawford

This Springs Classic Trench Coat

Spring is here again and your clothing is still all from last season. If you’re big on being fashion forward this may be very important to you. If you’re in need of some spring updating then you have come to the right place. There are many different parts of your wardrobe that you may want...


Business Casual Accessories

Fashion is everywhere we look. We have to think about it every day and it comes in many forms. We spend a lot of our lives at work so it makes sense that we would need to have a professional wardrobe. What you may not know is that you can take a few simple pieces...


Evening Outfit Accessories

Today we are going to be talking to you about accessorizing your evening outfit. There are so many things we can do with an evening outfit to really make it say anything you want. You can choose to wear something that pops on its own but there are other options that really give you a...


Accessorizing Flirty Fashion

Fashion is more important than some people may think. It’s the first thing someone sees and although you may have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, we all tend to do it without realizing. There are many different aspects of fashion and the right outfit can do absolute wonders for your...

Skin & Body Care

Serious About Removing Your Tattoo?

SERIOUS ABOUT REMOVING YOUR TATTOO Even to this day, the standard body modifier regret is the tattoo. With meaning in mind, one might be inclined to add a permanent marker to their body, only to realize it does not mean that great of a deal to them. Modern day technology helps us remove this small...


Blowout Troubles? What Products You Need For a Week of Great Hair

HOW TO GET THE PERFECT HOLLYWOOD STYLE BLOWOUT Kirbie Johnson a beauty reporter argues that television personalities with the likes of Kerry Washington have graced the red carpet with their perfect blowout and these are well respected figures and role models in the fashion industry. What is a blow out? It’s a type of hair...


Talk To Your Hair Stylist About Thinning Hair

Role of hair designing expert in beauty is very crucial Hair designing expert is an important person in the society and this is providing help to all those people that are not able to handle their matters according to rules and laws. Due to this condition of help, hair experts are most important in our...


8 Stunning Women Over 50 With Big Beauty Contracts!

LOOKING AWESOME AT 50 Contrary to what many people think, looking great at above 50 is and has been done with relative easeamong many ladies. This has not only been majorly done by celebrities, but by people who valuethemselves. Fashion flash, a fashion magazine celebrates the different women over fifty and lookingfabulous in the United...


Hair Extensions Improved My Self Confidence

WHY ARE HAIR EXTENSIONS SO POPULAR? In red carpets and magazines, hair extensions has been a trending topic among many women with ‘nine zero one’ as Hollywood’s place to be when looking to get your hair extension in under two hour. Nicole leal, a celebrity hair and extensions specialist, argues that the main reason for...