Mixing and Matching Your Wardrobe

Jodi Benson
by Jodi Benson

1If you’re working on building you’re wardrobe, one way to go when you need to start things off is to buy the basics. You probably already have a lot of the basics in your closet. As I’ve previously talked about, the average woman may have 5 pairs of black pants, numerous skirts that you can mix up a bit with various jackets etcetera. If this isn’t the case for you and you’re starting from scratch and really want to start building a wardrobe, I’ll show you a great way to do it. Back in the 80’s Donna Karen came out with 7 easy pieces which where all very, very, basic items and they were able to be interchanged with each other to make countless outfits. I’m kind of taking a little liberty with that philosophy but I think it’s a really good way to build your wardrobe. It’s great if you travel for a living too, since you won’t need to pack too much to still be stylish.

2First of all Laura is here and she has a suit that has pants and it also came with a skirt, so she can take the pants and she can wear them separately with a cool shirt. She can also wear them with the jacket. She can bring in the skirt and maybe put it with a camisole and then put the jacket over top of that. She can also wear the skirt separately and if she wants to do that she can wear a really, kind of edgy top. An asymmetrical Donna Karen top is what we have here. She can even use that same edgy top with her pants and look very nice in this great evening outfit idea. It would look great with some pearls and it would also go well with a great choker and some really cool sandals.

3Next, you always want one or two great blouses. I suggest a black one and a white one, just so you’re covering everything because there are times that you just can’t do better than having a crisp, white blouse to pair with things. Also this depends on your edge level. Some people would not feel comfortable in having a sheer blouse and that’s fine. Tailor all of this to your taste and you will come out looking fabulous, just make sure you feel comfortable in what you 4pick. This is a very great all-purpose cardigan sweater. This cardigan is made of cashmere and the nice thing about cashmere is that you can wear it all year round. It doesn’t have to be 9000 gauge cashmere; you can get some really beautiful cashmere. This one happens to be a Michael Kors that we have in the store however 5target has wonderful cashmere in the Isaac Mizrahi area. Finally I can’t stress enough the importance of the wrap dress this season. This is a great and versatile dress; it travels perfectly and it is appropriate in basically every situation. You can dress it up or dress it down. Having a wrap dress is so big so it definitely needs to be a staple. You could totally get away with having these pieces as your wardrobe and really look amazing in whatever combination you pick every day.