How to Wash and Condition Curly Hair

Jodi Benson
by Jodi Benson

image1So today we are talking about how to style curly hair and the first thing we will talk about in particular is washing and conditioning curly hair properly. We are going to shampoo and condition our models hair with the proper shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. I’ll go over some great techniques that will really help you to achieve a better end result with your own curls or the curls of someone else. I’m going to take our model Kelly and lay her back in the chair placing her hair in the shampoo sink. On the shelf here I have what a lot of people don’t realise exists. I have the correct shampoo for our models hair type. Many people don’t know there are shampoos and conditioners aimed image2specifically to curly hair. Today I’m using Redkens Fresh Curls for Kelly to achieve a nice and pretty end result with her curl. Make sure you brush the hair out first to remove tangles prior to shampooing. This also helps get rid of extra loose hairs that have shed from the scalp as well. Now we can turn on the water and find the correct temperature. Always make sure that the water is nice and warm before you apply it to somebody’s head. When you’ve got it warm enough you can start to gently wet the hair. Wet the sides and top and of course the back really well. Be careful to not get it on their face. When the hair is fully soaked get a few pumps of the shampoo on your hands and just work it in starting at the scalp. Gently massage it into the scalp and it will work its way down to the ends. Once Kelly’s hair is fully lathered with shampoo you can rinse it out. I’ll shampoo it twice because a lot of the times curly hair has a lot of product in it and you really want to get all of that off and make sure the hair is thoroughly clean. So I’ll just go ahead and give her a good rinse then massage in some more shampoo the same way I did the first time. After that you can rinse it out again with some relaxing warm water.

image5Once the hair is sufficiently cleaned just squeeze out some of the excess water and put a few pumps of conditioner in your palm. When conditioning curly hair you’ll want to use a little more conditioner than you would with straight hair. Start the conditioner on the ends of the hair where it is the driest and work your way slowly back towards scalp. The ends of the hair really need the moisture but you don’t want conditioner right at the scalp. Putting conditioner at the scalp will weigh it down so that’s why we start at the ends and work up the image4hair. When I’m working with curly hair I like to use a wide tooth comb to comb through it while it’s still wet. You don’t want to comb through the hair after we have rinsed out the conditioner because it can loosen the curl. Very gently comb through it to remove tangles and distribute the conditioner through the hair evenly. This will also give a little extra time for the conditioner to work well because most times curly hair is a bit dryer. When it’s all combed out you can rinse out the conditioner. When drying the hair you’ll want to pat it dry and ring water out with your hands first to maintain tangle free curls. Avoid rubbing the hair because it will re-tangle it and make it frizzy. For more information on styling curly hair continue watching the videos in this series.