How to Take Measurements for Women’s Clothing

Leona Crawford
by Leona Crawford

image1The world of online shopping has come a long way. There were times when using the internet was so new, the last thing anyone thought was that they would be able to buy almost anything they wanted from wherever they were on the internet. Although there are so many things you can purchase, there is still one issue that makes it sometimes difficult to shop for clothing, the fitting. Shopping online takes away the chance to try things on and see how they really fit or even feel their quality if youre not buying from a trusted online store. For good quality I suggest you only buy from trusted and established image2retail stores and check in on reviews from other buyers. I don’t think there will ever be a way for you to try on clothing without being in a store but I can help you find the right measurements you need to shop for women’s clothing. Remember to check the sizing chart for different stores as some stores differ slightly on their sizing.

To show you how to measure properly I have our model Amanda who I will be demonstrating how and where to image3measure on. The first measurement I’ll show you is the bust measurement. Grab a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your back, under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust. Your measurement is where the tape meets with the end. Try to keep the measuring tape as level as possible to ensure you get an accurate measurement. There is no harm in readjusting and measuring again. Doing this in a mirror or with the help of a friend is also beneficial and can help you get correct measurements.

Once you have the right bust measurement you can move onto getting the proper waist measurement. Your waist is considered the midpoint or the smallest part of your waist so that’s where you’ll want to wrap the measuring tape around.  Just as you want to make sure the tape is level on your bust measurement you need to make sure it is level image4when measuring your waist. The number you’ll use is the one you see where the tape meets back with its remaining length. Now we can measure the hips size. Start by placing your feet together. Find the widest part of your hips and beginning at your right hip, wrap the measuring tape around them. Keep the tape level and the number where the tape meets. That should be your accurate hip measurement.

When you have all of those measurements written down, you can move onto measuring your inseam, which is needed for getting the right fitting pair of pants. Put on your best fitting pair of pants for good reference if possible. When you’re measuring your inseam, you start at the crotch and go from there, down to the bottom of the inside hem of your pants. This works best with a buddy so get some help if you can. To measure your sleeve, start at the right side of the shoulder blade and run the tape down to your wrist.

There are few other places you may need measurements for. You may need a measurement for the head, in which you would simply wrap the tape around the widest part of the head, starting at the middle of the forehead. This would of course be helpful when buying a hat or a helmet; and the hands for mittens and gloves. To measure for mittens and gloves, you would measure around the knuckles of your four fingers. Always remember to check for a conversion chart for the company’s specific sizing and good luck buying the proper sized clothing with your new measuring knowledge.