How to Do a Bikini Wax

Roberta Chavez
by Roberta Chavez

image1Today I’m going to go over what you’ll need to do a bikini wax and how to do a bikini wax. Here at the salon we use the following things for bikini waxes: sanitizer, baby powder, aloe vera, baby oil, alcohol, toner, astringent, water, and a wax kit. Your wax kit should also include the wax strips and the wax sticks. Once you have all of those items you just need a bikini line to wax and some knowledge. Experience is always a good idea so if you’re doing this at home make sure you do a lot of research and you’re very careful. This is something you want to feel image2confident doing before you commence. Something important to remember when you’re waxing the bikini area is that you need to pull the skin very taught when you’re removing the strips so you avoid bruising. Another thing to know is that if the hair is longer than a quarter inch you might want to trim it a bit.

Now we have all the supplies and I’ll get started. What you should always do first is sanitize image3your hands. The bikini area is much more susceptible to infection so you’ll want to make sure you keep it as sterile as possible and don’t forget this step. Now you can position the client so that the bikini area is exposed to be waxed. If your client is wearing clothing what you can do to avoid getting any wax on their clothing is take one of the strips that comes with image4the kit and place that part way inside of the edge of the clothing beside where you’ll be waxing and flip the other half up over the clothing.  Make sure you’ve exposed the area that you’re going to wax. When applying the wax you need to apply it in the direction of the hair growth and remove it in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  We will first need to prep the area though. Fold up one of the strips and apply a mixture of water and alcohol to it then wipe the area to clean off any excess oils. Now put a little baby powder on your fingers and pat some on to the area you’re going to wax. Your wax will of course need to be warmed to the right temperature so make sure it’s heated correctly. Get one of the wax application sticks and dip it into the wax then wipe off the excess wax from the stick onto the side of the pot. Now you can apply the wax to the area. You can apply your wax to smaller areas to avoid extra pain. Once you’ve applied the wax place on the wax strip and pat it down in the direction of the hair growth. Pull the skin taught to avoid any bruising and grab the end of the strip, pulling it off swiftly it the opposite direction of the hair growth. Take another strip and add on some aloe vera then apply that to the waxed area to sooth the skin. Keep doing this in the areas you’re waxing and before you know it the waxing will be finished. Hopefully you do a good job your first time waxing. Good Luck.