Hair Extensions Improved My Self Confidence

Leona Crawford
by Leona Crawford


In red carpets and magazines, hair extensions has been a trending topic among many women with ‘nine zero one’ as Hollywood’s place to be when looking to get your hair extension in under two hour.

Nicole leal, a celebrity hair and extensions specialist, argues that the main reason for the popularity of hair extensions is that you get instant gratification. That extension adds to the thickness and fullness of your hair in a period of two hour as opposed to when it would take longer. It is claimed that the extensions can add up to 10-inches of hair to an individual which would translate to an awesome look.


Why are the professional extensions better?

When compared to the clip on extensions, it is argued that the professional extension outmatch Clip extensions by far too much. It is claimed that the professional done extension have the ability to last between three to five months which is a long time while looking at the cost of getting an extension.

What is the process of getting the extension?

  1. Scheduling a consultation with your stylist to decide on the look you would want to have with the extension. This will have make the extension look more realistic based on if you want the extension for length or fullness. This consultation will uncover the position preferred by the client on whether the hair extensions should be put to accommodate upward or downward holding of the hair.
  2. Wash your hair three time with a clarify shampoo to make sure that your hair is crisp and clean off oils and other products.
  3. Start blow drying the hair to make sure that all the hair is completely dry and later on trim the excess hair and the flat iron the hair to make sure it is well straighten out. After doing all that the hair is tied in to two ponytails at the back of the head and that is when you can begin the application process.
  4. With three quarters of your hair being held up in a pony tail, a small piece of your hair is taken, with the extension piece and a hot rod. This basically adheres hair to hair so that your extensions would not fall off your head.


How long does it take?

The application process ‘getting the extensions’ is a very lengthy process. Kirbie Johnson a beauty reporter argues that it can take close to eight hours to be done but much as changed.  Nicole leal, a celebrity hair and extensions specialist has it that as of today, the whole process can take two and a half hours due to their team work at nine zero one in West Hollywood. This makes the work move faster.

Advantages of an extension

  1. The client gets to have fuller hair and by the up to ten inches of additional hair is added.
  2. Good quality hair is added especially after the extension given that it would match with your hair.
  3. More beauty as the client would have a fuller face with the hair dropping to her shoulders