Formal Wear for Your Body Type

Jodi Benson
by Jodi Benson

1I’m here today to talk to you about buying the right formal wear for your body type. We will be looking at three different body types and looking at different aspects of them, trying to determine what the best dress is for each girl. We will be taking a look at the neckline, we are going to look at the torso, we are going to look at the hem and we are going to look at the sleeve type. All of these things combine to form the perfect dress for your body type. I’ll elaborate on each of those just a bit in the following.

The first element that I want to talk about today is the neckline and how that informs choice that you might make when you’re out shopping. We will take a look at the long elegant neck which in fact is an asset under any set of circumstances but if you have a long elegant neck you still need to take certain things into consideration when you shop. Something you could try is a dress with a high neckline and with a lot of texture. This will frame your neck and accentuates its beauty without exposing it and making you look to bare up there, which can happen with people who have long necks. On this model the soft blue ice color works wonderfully with her skin tone and it also frames her neck and her hair. She has angular features in her face and the way the satin folds, nicely compliments those features. Also this has a plunging neckline which is great because it draws the bust and neckline together.

2Now we are going to talk about the torso and how important it is to understand your particular issues. I feel that there is a perfect dress for every body type and if you have a fuller size especially on top I have a great example here. This dress has a beautiful exciting print there’s a lot of action and feeling. Its soft, it’s flowy, it’s got some drape with some little details and a beautiful neckline but everything is soft and moves and with this particular type of body line you need to have something that’s forgiving and has a lot of interesting little things that draw the eye in lots of different ways.

3After the neckline, which I consider to be the most important aspect of a dress because it frames the face, I have to say the next most important thing for me is the hem line, because how a dress frames the legs is also extremely important. One of my favorite hem lines is the asymmetrical. I find that a soft curving hem line can hide a multitude of sins and if you feel at all self-conscious about your legs a wonderful way to handle that is to create in interesting hem that draws the eye in exciting and not quite anticipated directions. This can dialog very effectively with a fabulous pair of shoes.


4One of the different types of sleeve treatments that I particularly like is sleeves that have details. I especially think that the hand is of course, one of the most expressive parts of the body so I like to frame them whenever I can. I like to use specialized cuff details and this particular sleeve has a long cuff which is sort of an Edwardian look and I’ve also done a little bit of embroidery and beadwork which are all treatments that you can look for when you’re buying dresses that accentuate different parts of your body that you most want to draw attention to. That’s the biggest thing to remember; make sure the dress works for you. If you find a dress that works great for all aspects of your body type then you have your perfect dress.