Formal Up-do For Short Hair

Roberta Chavez
by Roberta Chavez

image1We did our model Hailey’s hair for a night time look and now we are going to do her hair for a formal event. With short hair one of the biggest challenges is its versatility. Many women feel like they don’t have a good enough option for things like being a bridesmaid or a formal black tie event. Today I’ll show you what can be done on our models hair to bring it into a little bit more of a formal hairstyle.  The first thing you need to do when sculpting short hair into something cimage2loser to an up-do is make sure you have a great base of product.

Since we just did our models hair in a nighttime look she has a light styling spritz in it. Hailey also has quite a bit of hairspray in her hair. If you want to do this look on yours or someone else’s hair I would highly suggest following our first tricks of hitting the hair with a blow dryer and hairspray at the same time. After you’ve already dried it with a little bit of styling spray just go back through it with that method to give yourself a nice foundation to work with. Flip your head up-side down and work it through. Since image3Hailey already has quite a bit of product in her hair I’m just going to add a little more. I’m using a matte pomade which is quite a strong wax. Never try to work with short hair with clean hands. If you do, the product already in the hair will just adhere to your hands and the style will be ruined.

 image4So going in with a bit of product on my hands, I’m just going to work it from roots to ends to break up some of her previous style. There are two basic ways to go about sculpting short hair into an up-do such as make sure you get a lot of volume in the crown. This is a big part of the up-do look with short hair and you just need to lift the hair at the roots all through the back. The second is to just go through with the large end of a comb and randomly pick up several sections of hair to back comb a little bit. This isn’t image5teasing which can really rip your hair apart and compromise your elasticity. Now it’s all about the sculpting. I’m going to use a little more pomade and literally sculpt her hair into shape starting with the side and taking it back by her ears. I’ll then take a bobby pin and just catch the loose hair over her ear and slide it back. Her hair is thick so I’ll use two bobby pins for that and finish it promptly with a firm hold hairspray. Repeat the same technique on the opposite side then get a curling iron and randomly select sections through the top to curl back. I’ll then break them up giving a choppy curled back look to the top of her hair. Do this by adding a light shine spray into your hands and just running your fingers back through the curls. Finish it off sculpting the back with a hair-sprayed comb then add a good layer of hair spray on top of everything and she’ll be ready for a formal event.