Finding Stylish Glasses

Jonathon Palmer
by Jonathon Palmer


Eye glasses are so very important to a person who needs eyesight correction. They are also another opportunity to be fashionable. Today I am going to show you how to pick the best eyeglass frames for you. It can be a real challenge to choose eyeglasses, especially if you cant see what youre doing. It can help the process a great deal if you can wear contact lenses. Still the selection can seem overwhelming. Im going to help you learn how to choose your eyeglasses confidently without trying every pair on in the store. When selecting eyewear you want to make sure that they fit properly, that it harmonizes with your coloring, and that it balances your face shape as well as your facial features. I am going to address each of those issues with you.

2To get started all you really need is an up to date prescription and a good mirror. So lets get ready to learn how to look your best by choosing the perfect eyewear for you. We are going to start by talking about getting your best fit. The first thing you want to make sure of when choosing any new eyeglasses is that your eyes are centered properly in the lenses. Ill try a pair on my model. This first pair seems to be a little bit narrow. If you look you will notice that her eyes seem to be more to the outside of the lenses and so those are not the proper frame for her. This is something that any good optician is going to insist on also.

3Let’s try another frame. With this frame you should see that her eyes a little bit more centered now but unfortunately the frames are wider then her face is so that’s the second element that you need to consider. The overall size of the glasses is very important. The sides of the frames need to match up with the sides of your face. We can now try another pair and with this pair I think we have got the fit right as far as that’s concerned. The eyes are properly centered and the sides of the glasses match up with the sides of her face. There is one more 4thing I’d like to point out which is that you want to make sure that the top of the frame flows nicely with the top of the eyebrow. Here you can see the top of the frame is very straight and her eyebrows are more arched so let’s go ahead and try one more pair. Ok, I think we have got the fit right this time. Notice her eyes are properly centered in the lenses of the glasses. The sides of the glasses are the same width as the sides of her face and furthermore the 5shape of the top of the lens matches the top of her eyebrows and flows nicely together. Can you see how much better that works? Now you know that glasses are available in different sizes and most good opticians will help you select the right size for your glasses if you find a pair in which everything else is correct but the size is a little bit off. However if you have a particularly wide face or if your face is really small you may have to choose a different pair of glasses accordingly. I hope this helps you with how to choose the best