Filing and Shaping Your Nails

Jonathon Palmer
by Jonathon Palmer

image1A fresh manicure can make a woman feel confident and happy. Today I’m going to show you how to complete the basic steps to giving a manicure. First I’ll take you through hand sanitation, removing the polish, filing and shaping the nails, applying cuticle remover and soaking the hand for the manicure. The first thing I’ll do is sanitize my own hands then I’ll sanitize the client’s hands with some hand sanitizer. Rub it on your own hands and then rub it into your client’s hands and wrists gently massaging it in. Now you can take a cotton pad and some nail polish remover and start rubbing it on the client’s nails making sure to remove any nail polish. This will also help remove excess oils from the nails. Once you’ve done that, you can discuss what image2shape your client would like her fingernails. My client Nichole likes her nails squared so I’ll just grab my nail file and start with whatever nail I choose first on one side and start running the file straight across. I’ll then go onto the sides and file making sure to give a nice squared look to the nail. When you’re happy with the shape of the nail you’ve filed just move onto the next. Repeat those steps going straight across along the top then to the sides to even out the square.

image3Once you’re done with the shape, apply cuticle remover to the cuticles. I just put a little of the gel over and across the cuticle of each nail and when the cuticle remover is on rub it gently over top of the nails. Once you’re done that, place that hand in the manicure bowl. Inside the manicure bowl I have a slice of a lemon and a slice of a lime. I use lemon to clean off yellowness in the natural nail and the lime to condition and soften the cuticle. If you don’t have image4a manicure bowl at home you can just use a regular bowl and add some hot water and antibacterial soap. Let that hand soak for 3 – 5 minutes. While you’re letting one hand soak you can move onto the other hand. Again, you’ll make sure all polish and excess oils are removed from the nails and then file them to the appropriate squared shape. When you’ve done this you can add on the cuticle remover gel to each cuticle, rub it in and place the hand in the manicure bowl while we move onto the next step with the hand that has already been soaking. The next step we will talk about is how to clean under the nail properly. Get a nail cleaning instrument and start gently sliding it from one side to the other underneath each of the client’s nails. Make sure you are careful not to injure your client. Once you have her nails all cleaned you can move onto pushing back the cuticle. Get a cuticle pusher and gently push back the cuticles. Make sure you get the entire cuticle out of the way. Be mindful not to injure the nail beds. Doing this will allow the nail bed to breathe and your nail bed to grow healthily. Keep watching these instructional videos for the rest of the steps to giving a great manicure.