Everyday Makeup for Mature Skin

Jodi Benson
by Jodi Benson

image1Ladies all over the world wear makeup every day and the makeup industry is constantly growing and changing. What someone might have thought was a good makeup look that brought out their features well at one point, in time might need to be tweaked and changed a little as their skin matures over the years. Today I’m going to teach you some of our professional tricks so you’ll be able to do them on your own at home. I’ll show you how to do a nice and easy makeup look you can use every day to keep looking fresh and youthful.

image2The first thing you’re going to use is an illuminating powder with a little bit of shimmer in it that will help your skin give off a glow. Then you’ll need some cream eyeshadow, some cream blush, lip liner, and lip gloss to go with that. All of the products I’ve picked here have a little bit of a glowing sheen to them which is what you want when you’re working with mature skin because it will reflect the light and help the skin to look bright and fresh.

image3We are going to start off by using our illuminating powder. Swirl your brush around in your powder and tap the handle over your wrist to knock off excess product. Remember we have already done the foundation for this look so we are just going to use the illuminating powder to set it. Lightly brush this all over the face and bring it down to the neck to blend it in. Setting your makeup with powder is important because it will help your makeup stay on longer. Since we want her skin to stay glowing we use the powder with a touch of sheen to it. Now we will move onto the eyes. My model naturally has full brows with a great shape so I’ll leave those as they are. We will however use a little bit of cream shadow on her eyes. I’m just going to use my finger to apply it to get a nice natural blend.  Start applying at the bottom of the lid by the eyelash and blend up towards the eyebrow leaving you with an even coverage on the whole eye area.

image4For a little more definition on the eyes we will then go ahead with a brush and some more shadow. Stick to matte shadows on mature skin. Matte will give a natural look where as shimmer will sometimes accentuate the look of fine lines. Get some matte tope on your brush and apply to the outer corner of the eye to give a little lift then blend it out. Earth tones are a good choice because they look a little softer and they will work with anything you wear. Then we will do the eyeliner with a brush and a little bit of powder to keep it from looking too harsh. For my model I’ll use an off-black. Close your eye and use a tiny brush to apply the shadow into the lash line. This will give a look of definition that will make her lashes look thicker without a harsh line. Then use some mascara. This will give a finished look to the eye making the lashes pop and open the eyes a little bit more. Here I’m using black but you can go a little lighter with the color if you want.

Once the eyes are done you can use a nice creamy color on the cheeks. The cream blush will stay on longer keeping the skin hydrated and looking dewy. Smile and apply the color with your finger right on the apples of the cheek using short feathery strokes. We will finish this look off with a natural lip liner. Many women with mature skin are concerned about a lack of fullness in the lips. Using a lip liner and lip gloss helps give a fuller look. Gently line around the natural lip contours making sure to stay true to the natural shape of the lip. Then take shiny lip gloss and apply on top. Now you can try this look on yourself or someone you know to show them how nice they can look with the right makeup tips.