Evening Outfit Accessories

Dexter Roberson
by Dexter Roberson

1Today we are going to be talking to you about accessorizing your evening outfit. There are so many things we can do with an evening outfit to really make it say anything you want. You can choose to wear something that pops on its own but there are other options that really give you a great look as well. You can wear crisp solid colors and spice it up with some beautiful accessories. Bold accessories are in and you have to try them before you knock them. I have some advice to have you really looking sheek. Youll be still able to look professional but also sultry and gorgeous in the evening.

2So there are many variations of this evening look we are talking about today. I’ve got a great example of what can be done here but let me just remind you that certain pieces can be changed to give the look a whole different statement. You could change into some plain shoes and have the clothes and accessories do the talking or you could look sizzling in some great leopard print pumps. Shoes like these are what I would consider the statement piece here. I like to pair these babies with a navy, high-waisted, pencil skirt and a crisp white blouse. Since both of these choices are solids and it’s evening wear we can do a large necklace. The one I chose for this outfit works beautifully with the darks in this outfits and pops in just the right way against the white blouse. This look is very attractive and spicy with those printed heels. With evening wear you really don’t need to worry about keeping your style tame so the options are endless. This look can also be played up with an oversized patent leather, clutch bag. We do a patent leather clutch rather than the traditional leather 3because it is evening wear, so why not. You can also compliment this look really well with a solid black wide waist belt. It can really go well with the clutch and the necklace if it’s a solid. Don’t over-do it with any extra patterns or anything else flashy. That will overpower the look when you already have your oversized accessories. Keep any earrings small and simple for the same reasons. A large set of earrings will overpower the outfit and you really want this to look effortless and simply put together. Life is 4complicated enough without having an overcomplicated outfit as well. You’re free to do what you wish with your hair but I’d suggest something polished and possibly pulled back. Not to say having your hair down won’t look nice but having it sleek and simple will tie in well with this look. I nice dark colored blazer would go fabulously with this if it got a little chillier. Once you’ve put together this evening look do not waste it. Go out with your friends or co-workers and have a great time while looking flawless.