Diffusing Wavy Hair with a Blow-dryer

Dexter Roberson
by Dexter Roberson

image1Today we are going to show you how to style wavy hair and in this clip I’ll show you how to diffuse the wavy hair with a blow drier. So what you’ll need is a blow dryer and a diffuser attachment and that’s what we have here. The diffuser is an attachment that fits on the end of your blow dryer. The one I have here is universal and should fit on the end of any blow dryer. The part that fits into the blow dryer is spring loaded to fit different sized blow dryers. Some ladies might like to blow dry their bangs before adding the diffuser attachment onto the end of their blow dryer. Today we won’t be doing that, we are just going to go in and blow-dry our models whole head with the diffuser.

image2Now let’s get started. Plug in your blow drier and make sure you have enough reach to blow dry in the right spots, than attach the diffuser to the blow drier. You can use a low or high setting. If you use the low setting it will take you longer but you’ll get a lot less frizz. So today we are just going to demonstrate with the high setting to just give you an idea of how to physically pull this off. Again, we will be diffusing the whole head so first dry the hair until it’s about 80% percent dry. If you dry the hair more than that before diffusing, it will image3cause more frizz. When diffusing, you can tilt the head in different positions which I’ll show you an example of as we go. You can also help hold the hair up with your fingers and twist the diffuser a little. So now I’ll get to it by taking the steps I just talked about. I’m just scrunching the hair into the diffuser gently and turning back and forth a little, against the head. Don’t hold it in one place for too long. Make sure you’re moving it around to different areas to make sure it doesn’t get too hot on your scalp. The more you pick up the wavy curls while you’re diffusing, the more volume you’ll get at the scalp.

image4This method works great for short hair but for longer hair you can just pile some of the hair in the diffuser and point up to get the ends dried first and then turn it against your head to get the hair closer to the scalp dried too. Just keep changing your spots to wherever there is wet hair until the hair is dried and try to arrange the hair a little bit so it’s sitting where you’d like it to as you go. The finished look is not supposed to be perfect and neat but it should look a little messy and tossed with some cute wavy curls and of course less frizz which is what you’ll get if you dry it on a lower setting and spend a little more time doing it. Now you know how to diffuse wavy hair, for info on how to finish it off, continue onto the next video in this series. Good Luck.