Diamond Jewelry Care

Roberta Chavez
by Roberta Chavez

1I would like to discuss a little bit about how to keep your jewelry clean and well taken care of. It’s very important to care for your diamond jewelry and remember that it is just that, diamond jewelry, it’s delicate and it needs to be looked after with love and affection. Please don’t think that you can put it on and just wear it for all of time, doing any kind of physical activity like lifting weights or gardening, without it affecting the jewelry. You can and you will damage it if you don’t look after it correctly. Diamond jewelry should be kept clean and in good condition so if you’re going to the gym to life weights or out into the garden, doing any kind of labour which could damage it, 2you should take it off and put it in a safe place. Sometimes people just don’t care enough for their jewelry and it is a delicate item so it requires some time and some attention. Diamond jewelry is delicate and the diamonds are very valuable, held in place by tiny prongs which are sturdy enough for regular wear but don’t withstand the rigors of a full shock. It is really important that you keep your jewelry clean so the light can’t enter it and refract around internally then come back to the surface. That’s what gives the diamond the flash or bling, that beautiful shine that catches your eye. It’s the way the light bends which creates that brilliance. What can happen with a diamond engagement ring  is that3 when you get a build-up of sludge at the back that creates a sort of a scaled effect on the diamond it blocks the light from refracting around which can cause a beautiful diamond to look lifeless. This build up usually consists of residue from soaps, cleaning materials, sun tan lotions etc.

You can keep your diamond jewellery clean by regularly giving it a good scrub. You don’t have to go to the jewelry store every time. Go get yourself some scrubbing ammonia and place your diamonds in there to soak for a while. Once they have been soaking for long enough get an old toothbrush and take out your diamond jewellery. Be very careful and don’t hold it over the sink without a plug in it. Run it gently under warm water and scrub it out. Be sure to really 4take your time and get in all of those nooks and crannies. The back is where most of the buildup is found, so pay special attention to that area. Rinse it well also because if you’ve got sensitive skin you may react to any leftover cleaner on the surface of a diamond ring or especially in the back. The same applies for necklaces and other forms of jewelry. We want your beautiful diamond jewelry to compliment you, not irritate you and we want it to sparkle as if it’s brand new every day. Dry your diamond jewelry and it will be ready to wear once again. Regularly examine your jewellery to make sure everything is tight. If you notice otherwise then take it right into the jeweler to have it serviced so you don’t lose any diamonds or possibly have a bracelet or necklace break and get lost.