Choosing the Right Swimsuit for An Athletic Figure

Kayla Horton
by Kayla Horton

Getting ready to hit the beach or the pool in the summer time? Well, you need the right swimwear to go with your frame. You’ve been working hard on maintaining a great physique to show off your figure on your trip to Florida, Mexico, or any other hot place with a stunning beach. It’s important to select something that’s uniquely your own and can really accentuate your features. It’s all about finding a few styles that cater to your physique and how comfortable they feel when you put them on. Here are some tips on how to choose the right swimsuit for an athletic figure.


What Kind of Frame Do You Have?


What is your body type? Is your body more of the tall and sleek category? Are you more of a short and petite kind of woman? Do you have curves that you want to show off? These are all things you should consider before you make your purchase. You never want to buy something as intimate as a swimsuit to feel completely off your taste. It doesn’t matter the color or the style, it needs to fit you. You should definitely take into account your size and how it parlays in a full fitting active wear. All swimsuits fit differently so it’s important to know how to pick the right kind of wear for your purpose of lounging, swimming, or anything related to a water-based activity.

Choosing the Right Suit for a Particular Purpose 

 3Just like you have a dress to accentuate certain body parts and it serves a purpose, this is the same for your swimsuit. Think of it as a dress or outfit that’s perfect for the water and it needs to complement your frame. Are you having trouble choosing the right one? Well, there are a lot of options depending on your taste. Let’s talk about how certain brands actually cater to particular features. you have a molded soft cup by a brand like Reef. If you want to accentuate certain parts of the body, this one will help with giving you a push up and a crochet overlay to add dimension and value to your waist line.  Now, you have another choice for a suit from Guess. They have a swimsuit that gives you the hourglass figure appearance through an underwire top and a high waist bottom. The key with this is that it the underwire will add instant cleavage while the high waist bottom break up the long torso giving you more of a curvy look.

What’s Hot This Season?


At the end of the day, you need to perform well with each suit you choose. There’s no denying that, but it’s always nice to have something fashionable and functional. This is why a good choice would be to pick a three dimensional kind of swimsuit from Luxe. It has a flowy cut overlay that’s becoming extremely popular. See how it fits on your frame and it can definitely turn a couple of heads.  These are a few of things you should think about before making your swimsuit purchase.