Caring for Your Clothing

Leona Crawford
by Leona Crawford

1Our clothes do much more than just cover our bodies, keep us warm, and protect us from the elements. Our clothes keep us comfortable, and fashion wise our clothing tells a story to whoever is looking. It can tell someone we are professionals. It can be an outlet for our creativity and show people a small glimpse into how we think. There are many descriptive words that can be used for fashion, it can be sweet, subtle, seductive, bold, wild, charming, elegant, and glamorous just to name a few. Fashion can be whatever you desire it to but although it can differ greatly from one item to the next, there is one thing it has in common; someone has put some sort of thought and money into it and when you invest in something, it should always be taken care of.

2So, if you haven’t yet figured it out, today I would really love to talk to you about some things that are important about your wardrobe. Now the first thing is when you’ve gotten all of your pieces and it all works on you and it says what you want it to say. When you’ve weeded out the fashion pieces that don’t work for you weather it’s just not you’re style anymore or it no longer fits. Put what you have left on nice hangers. Take the time to organize your closet so you can easily see and reach your clothing. Launder your clothes in the proper way and make sure that everything is well taken care of because you’ve put money and time into this wardrobe and it is an extension of yourself. 3You’ve become your own stylist over the years so you want to make sure that you take good care of the things that you’ve carefully bought for your wardrobe. It’s best to care for your things and keep them in good condition so when you go for a certain item of clothing; it’s still pristine and ready to wear. There is nothing worse than realizing the shirt you planned to wear is damaged or stained at the last minute.

4There are plenty of ways that you can learn about styles that you like, about the way you’re going to look, and one of them is to make sure you use your fashion magazines. You can also check out displays in department stores and do online research. Get a feel for how you want to look and the types of clothing you want to wear.  Some people tend to be more of a classic person so they just stick to very simple types of designs, but maybe you’re very “Avant garde”, and your personality likes to express itself creatively with very flamboyant types of clothes. All fashion types are appealing to someone, so buy whatever you feel suits you. You’ll want to do some studying and apply some self-discipline to get rid of the things in your closet that don’t work anymore. Hang up the good things that make you feel good when you’re wearing them, and hang them up nicely. Care for them if you want them to last and enjoy your wardrobe because that is the most important thing at the end of the day. You’ll enjoy your life more when you feel good and looking nice is one aspect of feeling good. When you practice these steps, buying and shopping will not become so bothersome and overwhelming.  Take care of yourself and your wardrobe and although this may seem like a futile thing, you will notice yourself enjoying life more.