Buying Diamond Jewelry

Kayla Horton
by Kayla Horton

Today we are going to discuss how to buy diamond jewelry. The first type we will talk about is how to select a pair of diamond stud earrings. This 1is probably the most versatile piece of jewelry a woman can own. They look just as great with denim jeans as they do with a little cocktail dress. One of the things you should look for in diamond stud earrings is something called flash. Flash is a function of the way the diamonds are cut, it’s all about the way light enters a diamond and refracts around internally in the diamond then comes back to your eye. Next, you want to look for the right size and color. You’ll want the highest sought out color which is the closest to white without any element of yellow coming in. Remember when we talk about karat weight of diamond earrings we mean both of them combined which is the total karat weight. A one karat pair of earrings really means two half karat earrings. The least important factor that you really don’t need to focus on is the clarity. The internal clarity of the diamond, which is the absence or presence of tiny natural inclusions or marks of nature, is actually irrelevant when it comes to diamond stud earrings. Of course the most important part is that you find a pair that fits into your budget works well for the occasion. Lastly make sure they are housed in the correct metal you’d prefer.


Now we are going to look at diamond bracelets and we’re going to have the opportunity of talking about diamond necklaces. The most well-known diamond bracelet is the diamond tennis bracelet which is also called the straight lined bracelet. The tennis bracelet name comes from a time when many years ago a famous tennis player lost her diamond bracelet when lunging for a shot at Wimbledon and it was caught on camera. This type of bracelet is a row of diamonds placed end to end throughout the entire length of the bracelet. They are usually around 7 inches long and contain from 35-37 diamonds. When picking out a bracelet you’ll want all the diamonds to be close to exactly the same. Cut, color, clarity, and weight are all things you need to pay attention too but in addition, millimeter size is so 3important so that all the diamonds are the same size. Making sure the diamond is cut correctly will give you a shimmering row of white light that will ensure you have a great bracelet. Clarity again is not very important when buying a diamond bracelet. Bracelets need to be engineered in a certain way that when it’s put on the wrist it withstands any bumps or twists so it’s extremely important to make sure that when you’re selecting a 4diamond bracelet that it is a well-made bracelet where each link is properly put together and your clasp is made with high quality as well. Now diamond necklaces, tennis necklaces in particular are much the same as diamond tennis bracelets with everything you should be looking for. For a diamond necklace, what you’re looking for is that wonderful cut that allows the diamonds to give you that row of exciting and shimmering range of light. It’s possible to get a diamond necklace that only has a diamond pendant which would save you money as any diamonds on the back of your neck will probably not be seen anyway. Make sure you pay close attention to the high color and quality in the links as well. Diamonds are a beautiful thing but they can be very expensive so be sure to spend some time picking the right ones.