Blowout Troubles? What Products You Need For a Week of Great Hair

Jodi Benson
by Jodi Benson


Kirbie Johnson a beauty reporter argues that television personalities with the likes of Kerry Washington have graced the red carpet with their perfect blowout and these are well respected figures and role models in the fashion industry.

What is a blow out?

It’s a type of hair style that ensures ladies have curly hair that is rich in texture and is known as referred by Kirbie Johnson, “The red carpet hair”.


How can someone get one?

According to Dry bar’s founder Alli Web, it is very easy to get your perfect blow out at home provided you have big hair which is stylish as of today’s standard.

How to achieve the perfect blowout at home?

  1. First and for most start by cleaning your hair very well. Most people make the mistake of leaving their hair with lots of dirt and oil that makes it not perfect, The hair needs to be “star clean”. For a perfect blow out you need to make sure it really is clean and perfect. Give yourself enough time for the hair to dry and to relax your hair perhaps because you have gone through a vigorous time cleaning your hair. This should be about thirty minutes before doing any other thing.
  2. Add heat protecting products like the “hot toddy heat protector” plus ‘volumizing’ spry. This two will help protect the hair from breaking while the other will help it loosen out and become free.
  3. Section the hair and dry it in to 2-inch areas. This is the most important thing to do when giving you a blowout as argued by Alli web. This is done by tying up at least three quarters of the hair at the back and drying the quarter nearer the temple going backwards. Simply put, one is meant to work from ear to ear then forward and everything else you leave out.
  4. Create bouncy curls while blowing the brush away from the face. This is done repeatedly until the hair is completely dry that is when one moves to the next section of 2-inches of hair.


Tip: the brush being used should be made from ceramic material that would allow the hair memory to follow the curvature of the brush while being blown by a blow drier.

  1. In order to improve the texture of the hair one needs to go over with the curling iron and top it off with finishing spray (Triple sec). This is meant to give the hair a beautiful curl and strong texture and volume.

What is the key to making a blow out last for long?

First you need a dry shampoo with the likes of detox that will make it less oily and more manageable, sleeping on a satin pillowcase to extend your blowout overnight plus also good for your neck and posture and lastly those with a curling iron can touch it up a bit at the front so that it looks presentable and neat.