Become Your Own Fashion Stylist

Dexter Roberson
by Dexter Roberson

1Each of us is one of a kind with qualities of our own. Our best, of course, is what we want to highlight. Maybe you wish you could have a makeover. Well today we are going to teach you how to do it yourself. That’s right, you! We will cover many topics including how to choose the right color to compliment your qualities, how to choose the right style for your figure type, how to choose print and texture in your clothing and how to connect your clothing choices with accessories. So let’s get started.

2First we will be looking at colors. It’s very important to put your best foot forward by putting a color on that really enhances your own natural coloring. One way that you can do this is to look in the mirror, where ever one might be and look closely. Look at your skin tone and the undertones of your skin color. If you have a lighter skin tone with some blue undertones then wearing black can be very harsh so maybe try some navy blue if you really want to wear a darker color. Maybe your skin color has some orange or beige undertones and a vibrant red looks stunning on you but once you put on a beige top you look very plain and it just doesn’t do you justice. Right there you can see what color can do for you in good or bad ways. Of course it may not be the most terrible thing you’ve seen when you pick a color that blends into your skin tone or cuts it harshly, but you’ll feel lovely when you’ve locked into the right ones.

3Something else we all need to be aware of when we become our own stylist is or body type. Take a look in the mirror and see which areas you want to highlight and which you’d like to tone back. No one is perfect so don’t be overcritical but be honest with yourself because getting the right information here can make you feel perfect when you find the right clothing for your particular figure. For example if you’re a more petite person who is on the shorter side of the spectrum it may take a while to find a jacket that hits your waist in the right spot but if you go to the petite section of a store, they make the jackets about an inch shorter so it could make things a lot easier for you. Once you have figured out your size make sure you’re looking in the right section for your body type.

4Many women love to wear prints but choosing the right prints for you can be difficult if you have no basis. Make sure the print you choose has colors in it that compliment your skin tone as we talked about earlier. Don’t overpower a bold print with more prints. Try it with a solid that matches with one of the colors in your print. On occasion you can add in another print but make sure its low key and also has matching colors. Also when choosing your prints take your hair color into consideration because if it has your hair color in it then it could work well for you, just be aware of the other colors against your skin tone.

5So I do want to touch base with accessories and how hats, shoes, jewelry etc. can turn into something that’s really fun and work together taking an outfit into a different realm. As an example of accessorizing, start off with a nice navy blue shirt and a regular pair of jeans, add in a wonderful pair of platinum sandals with a high wedge, which is very in right now, and put on this fabulous hat that picks up the navy colors and has a little bit of platinum that really just fuses the look together beautifully. All you really did was add in those key accessories and that’s how it’s done. Please don’t hesitate to try these tips out; you will look great in no time.