Are your Make-up Choices Making you Look Older?

Jodi Benson
by Jodi Benson

As a person ages so does their skin. With age the skin and complexion transition to a less firm and forgiving texture than it was when it was young. Because of this the same products and techniques that a person uses when they are younger tends to have a different outcome after years of doing the same old thing. If it has been a while since you updated your make-up and application routine, here are a few tips to help keep you looking younger for longer.

Lip Color Selections

image1With age comes change; as the body naturally changes its skin and hair tones. This means that the same colors that successfully highlighted your natural beauty back in the day, may be detracting from it now. Colors and products such as bright red lipstick have the tendency to create a smaller look; so for aging lips that naturally thin over time choosing a red lipstick is going to give you the exact opposite effect that you are trying for. Instead opt for colors like peach, light pink or natural tones that will accentuate your features. Adding a soft gloss to your lips is another way to create fuller looking lips whether it is colored or not.


image2Metallic shimmer colors may be fun to wear, but they are not doing you any favors when it comes to anti-aging. As people age, the eye area begins to droop or sag creating fine lines and dark areas that were not there before. Metallic eye shadows get lodged into these fine lines and instead of making your eyes your focal point, they exaggerate those fine lines; making your wrinkles the focal point. After 40 a woman should transition from the shimmery metallic eye colors to the matte finish eye products sticking to grays, lavenders, taupes, and soft peach colors that will blend in fine lines and accentuate your natural beauty.


image4This is the number one faux pas that women over 40 make when applying make-up. Powdered foundations will settle into fine lines and crow’s feet exaggerating their appearance; as well as some heavy liquid foundations. As you mature your foundation needs to mature along with you. Women over 40 should use a light weight liquid foundation that absorbs easily. Instead of using a make-up sponge to apply your foundation, use your fingers in a gentle upward image3swirling motion similar to applying moisturizer until the foundation is completely absorbed. This will avoid excess build-up of make-up in those pesky fine lines and wrinkles; helping to reduce their visibility and making you look younger.

The idea of make-up is to highlight a woman’s natural beauty while hiding any imperfections that may lead the eye away from their more positive attributes. For this concept to work properly you must update your make-up and make-up practices the same as you would update your wardrobe over time; by making these simple changes to your make-up routine you will be looking and feeling younger in the blink of an eye.