Animal Print Fashion

Dexter Roberson
by Dexter Roberson

1Today I’m going to show you how to update your spring wardrobe with some sultry yet versatile animal prints from this season. We have seen animal print in fashion for about the last 18 plus years, although really it’s been worn throughout time. In the 1940’s liberator pioneers like Betty Page were the inspiration for animal print to be sexy when she wore leopard print. Leopard print was also very interesting to Christian Dior’s muse Mitzah in the 1950’s and he added it into his designs in different ways. This brought animal print to a level of chic elegance. There may have been a time when some people just thought that animal print was a phase in fashion, that wouldn’t last for long but that is definitely not the case. Animal print is not a fad or a trend. Animal print is just one of the many facets of fashion that are here to stay.


So of course our next look is animal print. This example of animal print is one that is officially a classic. So we have our model Pam and she is wearing a drop dead jacket. It is an embossed python leather piece and it is definitely a statement. Pam, besides her being an hourglass shape she’s also a dramatic so this fits her personality perfectly. We have paired it with a great gold scarf and as kind of a surprise look; we’ve put it with the white jeans. Leather tends to be a great transitional piece. If you’re not ready for an investment piece like this python jacket and all this animal print, a great way to bring it into your closet with your classic pieces is with a great handbag.


Handbags are very important for spring, summer, and this handbag is a dynamite one. It is going to work back with all of your neutrals so you can wear it with your brown’s, your blacks, your navy’s and it doesn’t really matter what else your wearing because it’s all about this purse. It’s trimmed in animal print. The handles have animal print; the zippers have animal print and it’s all around the outside. It would work back great with your navies, your chocolates, your black and it wouldn’t matter what else you were wearing because it is the piece that everyone is looking at.

4Now what I want to do is show you two more examples of animal prints that are in this season. We are going to start off with this great V-neck, very classic sweater, and it is inlayed. Actually it’s not two pieces, its one piece, and it’s a charmeuse silk, animal print set-in so it looks like a blouse under a sweater. It also has lovely pearl detailed buttons. It’s a touch of animal print without it being a whole jacket. The next piece I’ll show you is gorgeous too. It’s this beautiful halter. I love 5this halter because you could take it under any black suit that you own and keep the jacket on during work, then go out for the evening with your black slacks or a black skirt without your jacket.