Accessorizing Flirty Fashion

Jodi Benson
by Jodi Benson

Fashion is more important than some people may think. It’s the first thing someone sees and although you may have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, we all tend to do it without realizing. There are many different aspects of fashion and the right outfit can do absolute wonders for your confidence. Today I’ll be showing you how to accessorize your look. Keep in mind that you’ll need to try and recreate this look on yourself and that this can be slightly modified for different circumstances. Some outfits may need to be adjusted for best results on different body types but we can all look amazing in the end if we stick to the guidelines here. Fashion can be very versatile and work to accentuate your strong points. Just be conscious and make sure your outfit is working the way you want it too. Having a second opinion on what’s working best on you is always a great idea, so don’t hesitate on bringing along a fashion forward friend. The particular outfit we are going to talk about is one that should work well on a warm day or evening and have you feeling great about yourself.


2The look we will be accessorizing today is what I would call a fun and flirty, casual look. Shoes are always important. They can make or break a look. With this look I have beautiful white, strappy, wedged heel, sandals which are great for those nice summer days but they also look lovely when paired with the right outfit. I paired them with a beautifully high-waisted, flowy dress that is strapless. The color is dark but makes a great canvas for accessories. When you start with an outfit that’s a little plain it just works perfectly with those bold accessories you’ve been hiding away. Don’t be afraid to take those out and finish this outfit off with the main attraction. With this outfit I used a large beaded necklace as the centerpiece. It’s chunky and bold but it goes so flawlessly with this outfit choice. We just can’t forget about the handbag though. Hand bags are a great way to tie everything together and work those shoes into the mix a little better. I added in a gorgeous but simple, oversized white handbag. It can make all the difference, and it’s useful as well.
3This choice of outfit will give a beautiful effortless look that could be perfect for a few different occasions. This look is flirty so maybe try it out on a casual date. It is also fun so you can always wear it out shopping or having lunch with some friends .Make sure the weather is warm and the wind is low otherwise you may need to make a few changes to this ensemble. Try pairing it with another solid. A dark colored jacket or even a light sweater may go just right with this. It won’t make the outfit too complicated and it should still have that effortless appeal to it.