8 Stunning Women Over 50 With Big Beauty Contracts!

Dexter Roberson
by Dexter Roberson


Contrary to what many people think, looking great at above 50 is and has been done with relative easeamong many ladies. This has not only been majorly done by celebrities, but by people who valuethemselves. Fashion flash, a fashion magazine celebrates the different women over fifty and lookingfabulous in the United States and how they have benefited from various endorsement deals due to theirbeauty.

How does one look awesome at 50?

Today, like the many generations before us, beauty has majorly been set by how well ladies have beentaking care of their skin. Fashion flash has it that Hellen Mirren is said to be the new face of L’Oreal Pariswho is 69 years, and they say she looks amazing. Other ladies, who have represented L’Oreal Paris, includeJane Fonda, who is 76. Cheryl stone is representing a company, your skin rejuvenating lotion, when shewas 54 among other things.


Hellen Mirren

What are the advantages of looking great at 50?

In the US, like many other parts of the world, many women have gone on great lengths to look great.Majority of these women have come from the celebrity circles. Women mostly the older ones have takenso much pride when their beauty has been able to stand the test of time by being compared to youngercelebrities. Fashion companies such as L’Oreal Paris, Marc Jacobs and cover girl have been quick to offerbeauty endorsement deals depending on how beautiful one looks.

Women have got an opportunity to act as role models in the capacities of spokeswomen with theexamples of Blake Lively, Karlie Kloss, Naomi Watts and Eva Longoria. Fashion flash has uncovered thatthere are more divas with endorsement deal than we know of with the examples of Jessica Lange workingfor the fashion company Mark Jacobs by appearing in their adverts while Ellen de generous who is now 56years of age was back in the day working as the face for cover girl. 53-year-old Julianne Moore joinedL’Oreal at 51 while

 Are their ladies looking great at 50?

Ladies such as Blake lively, Naomi Watts, and Eva Longoria have shared the beauty stage with much olderwomen like Helen Mirren, Jessica Lange. This is because the much older ladies have taken bride in lookingyoung at an older age, and the young have given them much respect because they know it is not easylooking great at 50. Julia Roberts was quoted saying: “I’ve told Loncome I want to be an agingmodelThey have to keep me for five more years until I’m over fifty”, this adds to the value of lookinggreat among older women.

Other women who are said to be looking good at 50 are among; Emma Thompson, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer who are known to look fabulous and yet they are ladies who are well above the age of fifty years.


Jane Fonda


Blake Lively