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Formal Up-do For Short Hair

Roberta Chavez

How to Do a Bikini Wax

Today I’m going to go over what you’ll need to do a bikini wax and how to do a bikini wax. Here at the salon we use the following things for bikini waxes: sanitizer, baby powder, aloe vera, baby oil, alcohol, toner, astringent, water, and a wax kit. Your wax kit should also include the...

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Post Piercing Maintenance to Avoid Infection

Tattoos and Piercings have gone from being a fad or trend to being a way of life over the past decade or so. With this has also come an increase in piercing related infections from improper after care. These types of infections can easily lead to more severe types of infections or injuries. That is...

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Why Bother With Tanning Lotion?

Amy Willbanks, lotion account sales manager at Master Tanning, knows a lot about tanning beds and what they can do to your skin. In this video she emphasizes the importance of using a good tanning lotion when you’re tanning indoors (though truth be told, it’s probably just as important to use lotion when you’re outside,...

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Picking the Right Maternity Wear for Nine Months

Having a child can be a very difficult yet rewarding process that really showcases your adult years. For nine months, it can be a real hassle to find clothing that fits your needs. It’s an awkward time period because your body is constantly changing so clothes you wore months ago actually don’t fit anymore. It...

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Pamper yourself on the Cheap with a Home Facial

Spa facials are one of life’s little indulgences that cross over into good personal hygiene. They are relaxing and therapeutic as your pours are cleansed and your facial muscles massaged. Unfortunately for most, spa treatments tend to be a bit on the pricey side. This doesn’t mean that you have to forego these yummy treatments....


Keen Steps to Help You Sell Your Gold Jewelry

There’s nothing like wearing a piece of jewelry especially gold in these days and times. With all jewelry, you need to find out the price of it and see their worth in the current market. Luckily, it’s not too hard to sell gold jewelry these days because they are in high demand. The focus is...

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Fitting Your Bra Perfectly

Okay, here’s the reality: 75% to 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. Why? Getting it right Sometimes it’s due to changing bodies. We gain weight. We lose weight. We exercise more… or less. We get pregnant. We age. All of these changes affect the size of our breasts, but we don’t...

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Are your Make-up Choices Making you Look Older?

As a person ages so does their skin. With age the skin and complexion transition to a less firm and forgiving texture than it was when it was young. Because of this the same products and techniques that a person uses when they are younger tends to have a different outcome after years of doing...

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Formal Wear for Your Body Type

I’m here today to talk to you about buying the right formal wear for your body type. We will be looking at three different body types and looking at different aspects of them, trying to determine what the best dress is for each girl. We will be taking a look at the neckline, we are...